Economic development by self help groups (SHG)
Financial dependence is the root cause of the plight of women in rural areas in Rajasthan. This problem is far worse for ladies belonging to disadvantaged sections of society. On one hand they are mostly illiterate and ignorant about their rights and on the other they are financially dependent on their husbands who are with scanty sources of income. Such scarcity of resources makes them unable to take any decision for themselves and incapable for standing for their rights. Right from its inception, NUS is striving to help these ladies to get rid of this situation. We have been constantly trying to promote financial independence among women since last 23 years by providing them short term vocational training courses for ...


Dairy Initiative – Maha Shakti Milk Producer’s Company
In the year 2015 in January, Nari Utthan Sansthan with an objective to secure the livelihood of women from three blocks of Rajasthan initiated to register a milk production company namely Maha Shakti Milk Producer Company Limited under Companies Registration Act., through which more than 778 farmers (women) secured their livelihood over the profit of ...


Joint Liability Group ( Amrita JLG , Sarjan JLG )
Nari Utthan Sansthan adopted JLG model to make women financially independent and created two JLGs: - 1.Amrita JLG - Women in Amrita JLG work to make food products like pure desi cow ghee, khoya, kalakand, spices, flour, pickles, raw ghani oil and other products. A Rural Mart has been created in collaboration with NABARD to sell the product of JLG . Many women are dependent on this JLG.


International women’s day
The Nari Utthan Sansthan celebrates InterNational Women's Day every year to commemorate the empowerment of women and encourages them to move forward. Nari Utthan Sansthan honors women who are doing great work in their field and further motivates them towards greater achievements.



About our foundation


A grass root organization based in Rajasthan is working in the areas of women empowerment, health, environment, child labour, awareness programs and disability since 1995. When Nari Utthan Sansthan (NUS) was created, our purpose was to ...

Our Mission

NUS was founded in 1995 with the vision ,“To Create a compassionate society where the rights of children, the elderly and disabled people are respected, and where health, and education facilities as well as livelihood opportunities are easily available to ...



May 8, 2014

Diary initiative: Maha Shakti Milk Producer Company

During the year 2015 on January Nari Uttha Sansthan with an objective to secure the livelihood of women from three blocks of Rajasthan initiated to . . .
July 31, 2020

Initiative Swatch Bharat Mission:

Over the Swatch Bharat Mission Nari Utthan Sansthan adopted two villages namely Vijaypura and Gadi from Thanagazi Block with a motive to make Open Defecation Free village.
July 31, 2020

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Abhiyan: (Other Initiative) :-

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Abhiyan initiated by Cabinet Minister of Rajasthan, Department of Women and Child Development (GoR) Smt. Anita Badhel.