Self Help Groups

  • Economic development by self help groups (SHG)

Financial dependence is the root cause of the plight of women in rural areas in Rajasthan. This problem is far worse for ladies belonging to disadvantaged sections of society. On one hand they are mostly illiterate and ignorant about their rights and on the other they are financially dependent on their husbands who are with scanty sources of income. Such scarcity of resources makes them unable to take any decision for themselves and incapable for standing for their rights. Right from its inception, NUS is striving to help these ladies to get rid of this situation. We have been constantly trying to promote financial independence among women since last 23 years by providing them short term vocational training courses for various trades like dairy products, sheep and goat rearing, carpet making, pickle & jam making, mangodi & papad making, soap making etc. With the objective of exploring the collective strength, increasing the social and economical level and increasing the participation in development activities of women, we make self help group (SHGs) of the ladies trained in the same trade. We facilitate their banking solutions as well as marketing solutions for prepared products and services by our ensured marketing tie-ups. So far, NUS has made more than 650 such SHGs independently and also with help of NABARD.We have trained more than 7000 ladies in 3 blocks in 2 districts: Alwar and Jaipur. Today, these trained ladies are successfully running their enterprises of various trades. It has added a new dimension to their lives and to the lives of their families. Regular monthly meetings of the so formed SHGs are organized on specific dates. Women are briefed about the importance of SHGs and savings.

  • Dairy Initiative – Maha Shakti Milk Producer’s Company

In the year 2015 in January, Nari Utthan Sansthan with an objective to secure the livelihood of women from three blocks of Rajasthan initiated to register a milk production company namely Maha Shakti Milk Producer Company Limited under Companies Registration Act., through which more than 778 farmers (women) secured their livelihood over the profit of company. Presently, MahaShakti Producer Company’s milk is being supplied in 180 schools under Annapurna Milk Scheme. Its members started to earn by selling of chilled milk, about 1600 litres per day to diary production companies. The payment is accordingly delivered to the personal bank accounts of the members within an interval of ten days. Milk is collected from 45 collection booths from 2 blocks of Alwar and each booth represents one village. People from Rajasthan and other states also come to visit the Maha Shakti FPO and learn the work from the women of Maha Shakti.Maha Shakti FPO achieved an award at the national level .

  • Joint Liability Group ( Amrita JLG , Sarjan JLG )

Nari Utthan Sansthan adopted JLG model to make women financially independent and created two JLGs: – 1.Amrita JLG – Women in Amrita JLG work to make food products like pure desi cow ghee, khoya, kalakand, spices, flour, pickles, raw ghani oil and other products. A Rural Mart has been created in collaboration with NABARD to sell the product of JLG . Many women are dependent on this JLG.

  • International women’s day

The Nari Utthan Sansthan celebrates InterNational Women’s Day every year to commemorate the empowerment of women and encourages them to move forward. Nari Utthan Sansthan honors women who are doing great work in their field and further motivates them towards greater achievements.

  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Abhiyan

As an organization at a grass root level, Nari Utthan Sansthan is at the paramount position in Thanagazi Block of Alwar District to step beside the government with in the area of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Abhiyan. The main essence of the Abhiyan was:

  • Prevention of gender biased sex selective elimination
  • Ensuring the survival and protection of the girl child
  • Ensuring the education and participation of girl child

On the basis of this essence, Nari Utthan Sansthan ,set a bench mark within its working area, such that, the villagers, not only rejoice at the birth of a son but also at the birth of a daughter. In accordance to this, villagers took an oath and are now following it. By promoting Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Nari Utthan Sansthan has made successful progress which is evident by the achievement of Mithlesh Bai, daughter of Koshlya Devi, who has completed her MBBS. She belonged to a poor family where she couldn’t have even dreamt of becoming an MBBS. We encourage he to become a great doctor in the times to come.


To protect the Mother Nature, Nari Utthan Sansthan has constantly contributed towards its endeavours since the very first day of establishing its foundation stone. Every year, it celebrates Plantation Ceremony with the village women. In the last three years, Nari Utthan Sansthan has already planted over 4500 trees within the surrounding villages which was a very fruitfull contribution towards the protection of environment. The major purpose was to spread awareness about the need to preserve and enhance the environment.


In accordance with the Swatch Bharat Mission, Nari Utthan Sansthan adopted two villages namely Vijaypura and Gadi from Thanagazi Block with a motive to make “Open Defecation Free villages “. Through this mission, a total of 76 toilets were constructed for the poor villagers. Nari Utthan Sansthan inspired all the women of its 650 groups and also guided the women who did not have toilets were to build their own toilets.


Thanagzi block of Alwar district of Rajasthan is a very remote & underdeveloped area. For the last two decades NUS has been working for the holistic development of community, especially for women empowerment, health, and water & sanitation sector. Snehalaya is a shelter home, where the poor & needy children both boys and girls as well as the elderly are provided a stay. NUS provides ultimate love & care for their better future & rest. Some of the very brilliant students have established themselves during their stay at Snehalaya.Goal: To provide proper shelter & care to the poor & needy children as well as the homeless elders, devoid of care.
Objectives: The objectives are as given:-

  • To provide proper shelter
  • Provide care with love for their better future
  • Make them skilled & educated for a better future
  • Provide them proper food & nutrition
  • Provide homely atmosphere to the homeless & deprived

A Selfless and Compassionate Open to All Shelter Home Especially for Socially Ignored Elderly, Orphans and Destitutes at Narayanpur in Alwar District of Rajasthan.Bringing a smile on every face and providing a sense of belongingness is our sole motive at ‘Snehalaya – The Shelter Home ‘. It’s neither an old age home nor an orphanage or asylum, but an ideal merger of the three, this is because long back Mrs. Uma Ratnu had pledged to support the deprived humanity irrespective of age, gender and caste, and Snehalaya is the mirror image of this strong determination. As of now, there are 25 children, as well as elderly inmates in Snehalaya. It has a cozy homely environment and has dedicated staff which includes caretakers, cooks, cleaners and managers with rotational shifts to provide 24×7 care to our valuable inmates. Besides this, for the well-being of inmates, we provide a medical examination on regular basis conducted by our committed medical team. Snehalaya began in a rented accommodation in year 2007 and now we have our very own well developed building. Over this one decade Snehalaya has supported 51 children. Some of them have qualified AIPMT, some of them have scored more than 90% in Board examination.


Rajasthani Doll Making is the first project by NABARD for Nari Utthan Sansthan. For this work, the Nari Utthan Sansthan chose the Senani Group and made the group so strong that many women could be benefited by this work. Nari Utthan Sansthan has trained the women of Senani group by NABARD to manufacture dolls and empowered them to carry forward this work. Today, women of Senani group are working very well to make beautiful dolls which are exported to foreign markets.


Nari Utthan Sansthan has been celebrating the Kanya janmhotsav by giving importance to a daughter’s birth. Whenever a daughter of a woman associated with Nari Utthan Sansthan is born, the institute director of Nari Utthan Sansthan goes to that woman’s house and celebrate the Kanya janmhotsav and the director of nari uthan Sansthan , Mrs. Uma Ratnu, enrolls her daughter under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana.


Keeping in view of the Government of India’s mission for creating a digital India, Nari Utthan Sansthan has digitized the SHG’S with the support of NABARD and launched a project for digitization of Self Help Group (SHG) in the country. The project is being implemented in Thanagazi & Bansur Block of Alwar District.


A Rural Mart was established in collaboration with NABARD to sell products manufactured by JLG made by Nari Utthan Sansthan and was named Amrita Mart. Two women have been appointed to run this mart. Currently the products made by JLG are sold through Amrita Mart, thus the women of JLG with the help of Nari Utthan Sansthan and NABARD do not have to depend on anyone and the products made by women are being sold by women.


Nari Utthan Sansthan has been ready for women and girls since forever. Nari Utthan Sansthan celebrates National Balika divasevery year to promote girls and highlight their talent, on January 24, 2019 in presence of the Director of Nari Utthan Sansthan, Mrs. Uma Ratnu, along with the girls of Snehalaya. The main reason due to which girls are not able to move forward is because of the mentality that a girl is meant to take care of their homes and younger siblings, which becomes an obstacle in the path of improvement. In order to eradicate all these situations and discrimination, the emphasis is on celebrating National Balika divas for the girls of Snehalaya and spread awareness about great woman personalities like Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla. It needs to be celebrated to bring out the root causes forthe lack of recognition of the girl child by understanding the social perception as well as taking the girls out of the realm of sister, daughter, wife or mother and enable them to socialize to participate with the real world. Important things like health, nutrition and education for girls need to be taken care of so that they become physically, financially, mentally and emotionally self-reliant and capable. Girls should be made aware of things like domestic violence, child marriage and dowry as well as their rights. For the welfare of adolescent girls, the government runs schemes like ‘Samagra Child Development Service’, ‘Dhanalakshmi’. The recently implemented ‘Sabla Yojana’ is dedicated to the empowerment of adolescent girls. The purpose is to empower girls, especially adolescent girls, so that they can contribute towards building a better society in the future.


For the last decade, the Nari Utthan Sansthan has been working for the education of the poor and slum dwellers, whose education is missed and for whom education is not a major priority. Nari Utthan Sansthan has formed a team for this work which serves from door to door in such areas enabling the girls to be educated. The entire team finds out the cause and through Nari Utthan Sansthan, a meeting is organized with the family of such girls, where in the issues are discussed and the girls are enrolled into government schools.A link to education is the first important aspect of women empowerment. Nari Utthan Sansthan connects women with education to empower them and makes them understand the importance of education, especially, rural women through small programs.


Nari Utthan Sansthan has been working for women empowerment as well as ironing self-respect. By organizing a meeting with women and girls of Nari Utthan Sansthan Self Help Group, women and girls are told to be health conscious without any hesitation and how women should take care of their health.The director of Nari Utthan Sansthan, Mrs. Uma Ratnu, told the women and girls that ‘stay clean only then you will be healthy’.


Nari Utthan Sansthan is working for those women who are tolerating the violence of the society silently and are denied rights by their family, Nari Utthan Sanstha depicts the way to live a new life by giving right opinion to women. It provides a direction to the oppressed women of the society and what action they should take against harassment by organizing a meeting and providing consultancy. Nari Utthan Sansthan also provides legal assistance to the oppressed women. Everyday, these women suffer th wrath of the society in the form slaps, lashes, beatings, insults, threats, sexual abuse and many other violent incidents and are even killed in certain scenarios. These incidents are rarely reported since the tortured and exploited are nervous, afraid and hesitant to discuss.


The project “Building Self Sustainable Model for Women Empowerment” is implemented with 51 selected. existing SHGs in Bansur and Thanagazi Blocks of Alwar District. Project agreement was signed on 31 December 2018 and actual date of implementation was 1 January 2019. The project was commenced with the appointment of one Project Coordinator, 2 Field Workers and 2 Trainers. After that staff regularly conducted SHG meetings and finalized 51 SHGs to be covered under this project. The main purpose of this project is to develop these SHGs into vibrant &self-sustainable models for replication. The project objectives are as under.

  • Nurture already existing SHGs as self-sustainable, hence creating an environment of gender equality
  • Develop a model of sustainable entrepreneurship by ensuring forward market linkages
  • Human Resource and project mobility support.
  • Infra-structure Support

Bairawas & Nangalhedi villages of thanagazi block of alwar district of rajastha are about 39 km away from our office . The area is mountainous with agriculture fields between the mountains. The area scarce water aquifers. As a result tube wells are dried. Few tube wells are working with limited draft for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Water is insufficient for drinking purposes. Agriculture is mostly rainfed.


Community-based Peer-Led Intervention would be launched in the Jaipur district of Rajasthan as a focused preventive measure to curb the menace of drug abuse. The objectives of Community based peer led interventions are.

  • To assess drug use in the community.
  • Implement early prevention education led by trained peer educators.
  • To provide referral and linkage to counseling , treatment and rehabilitation
  • Services for drug dependents identified in the community.
  • Target beneficiaries 9-18 age group

Supported by – ministry of social justice and empowerment , Govt. of india Technical supported by – National institute of social defence , New Delhi.


Masala a daily used commodity in our life and have a great market demand. In each and every household it is being used to have a


Over this project Nari Utthan Sansthan is catering 5000 girl child from 50 schools of Barmer and Bikaner district through distribution of LED lantern


As we know our villages are still deficient in proper infrastructure for toilets. Rural women go to the fields for day routine.


Primarily this unique project, funded by The Hans Foundation, intends to develop construction material that uses less water,


Drinking water project us a vital initiative that solely targets those downtrodden villages where the basic resource

  • India Fight To Corona Virus

Fearful menstruation throughout the world due to corona, when the lockdown was imposed in the entire world and due to this lockdown, the Nari Utthan Sansthan also came forward to give their support for the people of the country. Dry Ration Kit was distributed by Nari Utthan Sansthan to 350 poor women in the villages of Narayanpur, Bairawas Nagalhedi in Alwar district, and also distributed 11000 masks to the C.H.C, police stations, and poor children and women of  Viratnagar of  Jaipur  & Narayanpur of Alwar District.